Alaska Fireplaces





About Us

Virgil's wife Margaret Power has

been actively involved in the setting

up of the business and with its

ongoing success. Margaret is

responsible for the running of the

very extensive showroom where her

detailed knowledge of the business

and the various options available to

customers are invaluable and

contribute greatly to its ongoing

success. As part of her duties

Margaret looks after all sales,

arranges for measurements to be

made in customers homes, and

arranges fitting of the fireplace


Alaska Fireplaces is a long established family owned and

managed business. We are one of the country's largest

suppliers and fitters of quality fireplaces,

In addition to this, Virgil manufactures customized surrounds, the process of

which requires an exceptionally high level of skill. The various operators

employed are specially hand picked and trained by Virgil, guaranteeing that

the highest quality standards are maintained.

Master Craftsman Virgil Power

started the business some 35 years

ago and has successfully brought it to

its present state where it is ranked

amongst the most professional and

efficient operations of its type in the

country. Alaska Fireplaces is one of

the biggest fireplace suppliers and

fitters in Ireland.

Virgil designs all the surrounds which are

manufactured in-house under his

personal supervision, to ensure that

the highest quality standards are

adhered to at all times.